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1 ✨ speak up

Public price : €455 tax included
Enterprise rate : €1,235 tax included

While communication and free speech are the keys to unlocking even the most delicate situations, while we know that the way out of shame is the lifting of secrecy, of taboo: we find ourselves silent about what torments us, what we feel, what has happened to us.

If you find yourself in this, know that I understand you because it is one of the things I suffered the most in my childhood but also in my adult life. Not daring to say and being confronted with the silence imposed around you. This is what pushed me to seek support and discover coaching in the first place. Whether it's for heavy subjects, parts of our history that we hide from our loved ones (even though they would constitute a solid bridge to finally free us and to allow others to understand us better), or quite simply ideas and opinions that would benefit from being shared, we find ourselves with a lump in our throats, our heads down, to put it mildly.

Do not formulate. To drop. Out of fear, out of modesty, out of obedience to the injunctions of multiple authorities… We lock ourselves little by little in a daily life that generates discomfort and frustration. For example, we say to ourselves: “Another time. They wouldn't understand. There will be a better time. Anyway, what does it matter? It's not going to change anything. What will he think of me? What if she doesn't love me anymore? Either way, it's too late. They won't listen to me. They won't believe me. Who am I to say that? " etc. There are so many reasons, so many excuses, so many impediments and prohibitions that stand between us and our truth.


What I want to bring you with this new seminar is the opportunity to confront you with all these things left unsaid, this buried, with your social masks. It is that together, with the help of all the coaching tools that have proven themselves in my own story, we were going to free your expression. It seems to me that the law of silence has reigned over our lives for too long. It changed for me. Do you want this to change for you too? Do you want the people you love to be able to rely on your example to save time and allow themselves to say?

It's high time you could show yourself for who you are, embrace every part of your story, your feelings, your needs and that you love yourself enough to express it to others.

✨ 2 days of seminar, face-to-face, rich in knowledge

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