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Do you know these terms "Life Goal", "Soul Mission", "Purpose" (in English: reason for being, meaning, finality), "Telos" (in Greek: end, in the sense of ultimate goal, realization) or even the evocative "Personal Legend" of the writer Paulo Coelho in The Alchemist? The Mission of Life therefore designates both the purpose of your existence and also encompasses the meaning it gives to your Life. Extensive program!

The Mission of Life is the call we feel to bring to others, to serve humanity, and it is expressed in a unique way for each individual, through activities they love, leading them to its full realization. It is therefore both turned towards the other and towards oneself, in a fruitful balance.

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Today in coaching, the Mission of Life we ​​go to the end
"vocation", etymologically a call, to allow an individual to find or rediscover an occupation that gives him a sense of accomplishment. Coaching tends to lead you towards this saving balance and towards more professional fulfillment, but also in your other spheres of life. A meaningful life encompasses the totality of who you are.

It is not because the concept "Mission of life" is foreign to you, that you are not already realizing it. You are therefore perfectly right to be looking for it to feel the fullness of a life that makes sense on a daily basis. The good news, if you feel stress because you have not identified your life mission, reassure you: you are in the right place. For you, my daughters Messia, Elia and I, we created the Life Mission seminars - MdV1 and MdV2 - in 2017, with the sole purpose of allowing you to discover it in depth.


Life Mission, it is the time of a weekend, a small group of about ten people, meets for a time of introspection and sharing, in a benevolent and playful atmosphere. Revealing yourself, over two days, to others but above all to yourself, to discover what drives us deeply and makes us feel alive. The size of the group allows for real personalized support and ensures that each participant leaves with the answers to their questions.

Three trainer coaches are at your disposal and provide you with personalized and specialized support, while taking advantage of the synergy of the group to surpass yourself and go further than you would have thought possible.

On the program: theoretical content, always followed by practical exercises, coaching time and emotion over the sharing and echoes that are made in each other, and above all the guarantee of leaving with clarity. on your Life Mission. It's like a big puzzle that we will assemble together during these two days: come and dump your pieces on the table, I guarantee that once ordered they will form the most beautiful of landscapes.

Since their creation, many MDV1 and MDV2 seminars have allowed individuals to reconnect with their deep "Why" and create the life that suits them. From Paris to Brussels, even passing through Bali, human beings left transformed, with new energy and a clarified mission.

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For you, my daughters Messia, Elia and I, we created the Life Mission 1 and 2 seminars - MdV1 and MdV2 - in 2017. Since their creation, many MDV1 and MDV2 seminars have enabled individuals to reconnect with their "Why" deep and to create the life that corresponds to them. From Paris to Brussels, even passing through Bali, human beings left transformed, with new energy and a clarified mission.

Since their creation, many MDV1 and MDV2 seminars have allowed individuals to reconnect with their deep “Why” and create the life that suits them. From Paris to Brussels, even passing through Bali, human beings left transformed, with new energy and a clarified mission.

  • Qui est Sylvie Cantet ?
    Sylvie est une Coach, Entrepreneuse et Formatrice. Elle a depuis toujours le désir d’aider les êtres humains dans la réalisation de leur plein potentiel. Elle accompagne en individuel, des particuliers et des professionnels dans leurs challenges et leurs transformations. Elle anime également des conférences, ateliers et séminaires de développement personnel en groupe.
  • Qu'est-ce que le coaching ?
    Tout comme dans le sport il y a parfois besoin de se faire accompagner pour atteindre nos résultats. En coaching de vie c'est un peu la même chose. On a parfois besoin d'un coup de pouce pour nous aider à atteindre nos objectifs. Le coach de vie est là pour ça, vous aider faire ce travail sur vous et à opérer les changements nécessaires afin de les atteindre.
  • Comment savoir quel produit est fait pour moi ?
    Tout dépend de votre besoin et ce que vous recherchez. Si vous aimez le travail en groupe alors optez plutôt pour les ateliers mission de vie ou tableau de rêve. En revanche si vous souhaitez un travail personnalisé one-on-one alors le coaching individuel est la meilleure option. Et enfin si vous souhaitez vous former au coaching optez pour la formation "Magnificence Life Coaching" qui vous apportera tout le contenu et outils nécessaires pour devenir un excellent coach ainsi qu'une magnifique transformation de votre vie. Vous pouvez aller consulter les avis et retours de nos clients sur chacun de nos produits pour vous faire votre propre avis.
  • What is life coaching ?
    Coaching is an accompaniment of people in order to develop their respective potentials, to allow the emergence and the implementation of strategies of success to define and achieve their objectives. Coaching comes originally from the sports world, before being used in the professional environment and then extending to all aspects of our lives through personal development. The coaching that I practice combines the teachings of Vincent Lenhardt, David Laroche, Mani Hesam and John Demartini, with the principles of psychology in order to be focused both on obtaining results, but also to anchor these changes over time with in-depth work.
  • Where do the coaching sessions  take place?
    The sessions are carried out by videoconference via Zoom, sometimes with clients who live abroad and who can perfectly benefit from their remote support. I can also come to your home, or to an office rented for this purpose, in Ile-de-France and Normandy.
  • From what age can you be coached ?
    While coaching can be beneficial at any age, I think it is more appropriate to offer it from the age of 14, for young people in demand. It is important to note that for minors, parental consent is required.
  • How do I choose the duration of my support?
    There are two parameters to take into account when choosing an accompaniment duration: your desire for transformation (the hotter it is, the more effective you will be in the session and the faster you will be in taking action) and the number areas of life that you would like to see impacted by coaching. If, for example, you want results in your love life, your professional life and your family relationships, longer and more complete support is recommended.
  • I'm interested, will I get results that match my investment?
    Yes, the results will be worthy of your investment, you can also consult the testimonial page of the site and find there the post-accompaniment impressions of those who have experienced it. [link] Having myself been accompanied by professional coaches, I know that the fact of investing financially is directly correlated to our investment in the program. This will guarantee your involvement in the process and will be an additional lever to motivate you throughout the support. It is important to note that the value provided cannot be measured only during the session. Support means that between each session, a real follow-up work is carried out, which guarantees the implementation of awareness, techniques and updated areas for improvement, as well as a presence in challenging moments. Finally, the learning and reflexes developed during the accompaniment are kept for life.
  • Are there issues that cannot be supported in coaching?
    Coaching can accompany you and create concrete results in each of your areas of life: Professional, Social, Couple, Spirituality, Health, Mental, Family, Finances and the sub-categories they include. If a subject raised requires other expertise, you will be referred in all authenticity to a competent professional.
  • Is it possible to follow a coaching accompaniment to several ?
    It is indeed possible to be accompanied in a group, especially as a couple, with family, or between colleagues, partners, etc. It happened to me on several occasions to intervene with couples or companies, and it is then a real plus for all the participants. Indeed Sylvie will help you to initiate a reflection to make the different dreams coexist and create a common vision for your couple, your family, your team, your company. Contact us for more information.
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Sylvie Cantet

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