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3 ✨ light and meaning

This offer includes:

✨ 2-day "Lumin et Se seminar, to reveal yourself, to others but above all to yourself, to discover what deeply drives us and makes us feel alive  

✨ Group of about ten people, benevolent

✨ An introspection with a good number of questions for the participants, a real internal work

✨ Like a big puzzle, come and dump your pieces on the table that we will assemble together during these two days. Once ordered, they will form the most beautiful of landscapes and will give meaning

✨ Theoretical content, always followed by practical exercises, coaching time and emotion over the sharing and echoes that are made in each other

✨ Participants leave with the guarantee of more clarity on their Life Mission and also answers to their questions on this subject

✨ Three trainer coaches will be at your disposal and provide you with personalized and sharp support, while taking advantage of the synergy of the group to surpass you and go further than you would have thought possible.


In a group Public rate : €495 tax included
As a group Corporate rate : €875 tax included

In individual Public rate : €1,450 tax included
In individual Enterprise rate : €3,785 tax included

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